Designer piece


Why is Styling needed?

The epitome of style can be inferred as the ability to collate information, image and craft an environment desirable to the owner.
In other words, respective style helps us express the key elements of individuals. Such tasks include the ability to choose the right graphic that best suits our analysis, and describe individuals with accuracy and respect.
Therefore the intricate connection of individual preference and styling are crucial in our job.


Simple Tips to Transform Your Home

Interior Forms

Symmetrical setting generates a sense of formality but you can always break it up a little to allow the space to feel less rigid

Interior Lifestyle

Separate your pantry from your kitchen – where your breakfast-making & coffee-brewing is done while enjoying interaction with your family or guests

Interior Styling

In tall or narrower spaces, select globe-shaped or cylindrical-shaped lamps to draw attention away from space’s perimeter

Paint Colors

Use the same accent color in adjourning rooms but with darker/lighter tone – this method ensures a sense of cohesiveness within small spaces


Creating diffused lighting at varying levels within customized cabinets makes a non-glaring yet effective overall lighting