Our Built Team

Our very own built-team consists of quality sub-contractors who has worked hand in hand with us for a roster of projects. With their unique skill sets and craftsmanship, we have delivered a myriad of outstanding design & quality works to satisfied clients over the last decade.

Price Range

Amidst providing services for high end customers with seemingly unlimited budget, our range of materials and services caters for individuals who wants to do up their HDB or bare BTO flat.

Comparative to others in the same industry, we provide an average pricing, but with much more catered services and quality as we do proper buffering of projects with proper timeline and project management.

If you had been given a quote that you think it is too high for you, speak to our consultants and we will give you a frank advice on various aspects. For example using expensive material that won’t make a difference, or reallocating your budget to the core areas.